Ethyl Maltol

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Product NameEthyl Maltol
Chemical Name3-Hydroxy-2-Methyl-4-Pyrone
Chemical FormulaC6H6O3
Molecular Weight126.11
BATCH No101031021
Mfg. DateOCT , 2010
Retest. DateOCT , 2012
S .NoTestSpecificationsResult
01DescriptionA white crystalline Powder having a Characteristic Caramel-butterscotch odor and suggestive of a fruity-strawberry aroma in dilute solutionComplies
02IdentificationStandard of FCC IVComplies
03Melting range160 to 164oC161.4 to 162.4oC
04Residue on ignition0.2% Max0.013
05Water0.5% Max0.15%
06Heavy metals (as Pb)20 ppm MaxLess than 10ppm
07Lead10 ppm MaxLess than 10ppm
08Arsenic3 ppm MaxLess than 3ppm
09Cadmium1 ppm MaxNot detected
10Mercury1 ppm MaxNot detected
11Assay99% Min99.72%

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