Food Grade Pepsin 1:10,000 NF For Digestive

Product Details

Product Specification

Grade standard Medicine Grade, Food Grade
Form Of Medicines Powder
Type of Medicines Enzymes
Application Digestive
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Kilogram

Product Description

In order to fulfil the diverse needs of our clients, we are manufacturing a qualitative array of Pepsin 1:10000 Enzyme Powder.


  • Pepsin is one of the principal protein degrading or proteolytic enzymes in the digestive system. During the process of digestion, pepsin acts on the complex dietary protein and breaks up into peptides and amino acids which can be readily absorbed by the intestinal lining. It helps in digestive disturbance in general and as a result of impaired production of gastric juice. It acts as an adjunct in the treatment of anemic conditions, especially during slimming diet when protein intake increases. It is used as research tool in protein analysis and as digestive syrup in heart burn, acid indigestion and sour stomach. It is also used in tablets for increasing appetite and in the preparation of cheese and other protein-containing foods.
  • Assay: We offer pectinase in the range of 1:3000 NF & 1:10000 NF


  • Free from impurities
  • Effective results
  • Safe usage

Specification of pepsin 




Optimum Temperature   450C to 600C
Optimum pH  3.0 to 4.5
Appearance   White to Off-white hygroscopic powder
Particle Size (mesh): Sieve test 100 % passage through 80 mesh
Bulk density(Kg/lit) 0.7
Loss of drying < 5% at 60 °C, 4 h and 670 Pa
Solubility in water Partly soluble in water; insoluble in organic solvent
Identifiable activity + Ve proteolytic activity
Activity 1:10000 NF
Microbiological Quality
Total viable aerobic count (TVAC) <2000/gram
Total combined yeast/moulds count (TYMC) <300/gram
Bile-tolerant gram-negative bacteria <100/gram
E.coli: Absent/gram
Salmonella Spp: Absent/10 gram
Staphylococcus aureus: Absent/ gram
Heavy metal content <2ppm


Additional Information

Delivery Time 4 – 5 days
Port Of Dispatch Ahmedabad/ Mumbai
Packaging Details 1 / 5 / 25 Kgs drums
Payment Terms L/C (Letter of Credit)/T/T (Bank Transfer)/Other

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