Vietnam Pharmaceutical Material is operated by Armephaco, a large Vietnamese company specializing in pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, with nearly 30 years of operation in the field. Vietnam Pharmaceutical Material operates under an intermediary model, connecting directly from domestic and foreign suppliers to pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam, with comprehensive support for both buyers and sellers. guarantee of product quality, sales contracts and relevant full licenses. With a team of highly experienced professionals, and extensive relationships in the field, will help respond and complete requests quickly. This helps Vietnamese pharmaceutical businesses to fully trust, be assured, receive the best benefits on products, prices, delivery policies, advice and long-term support.

Why choose us?


Using information technology and a smart workflow, we will respond to your requests within 24 hours.


We are like the division in charge of your company's pharmaceutical materials, helping you to save significant costs and still ensure work efficiency.

Comprehensive support

We build a dedicated, professional customer support management system to meet all requirements.

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